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Philip Morris Polska

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As of January 2nd 2008, the activities of Philip Morris Polska S.A. are carried on by three companies. This division of Philip Morris Polska S.A. results from the implementation of a new tolling model, which aim is to improve business processes.

Philip Morris Polska S.A. (PMPL SA) is a company with headquarter and factory based in Krakow, which manufacture tobacco products for domestic and external markets.

Currently, the Krakow production center, in terms of capacity is the sixth factory of Philip Morris International in the world and the third in Europe. Highly qualified employees and modern machine park provide possibilities to produce many variants of tobacco products and hence we are successful in executing export orders as well as in strengthening our factory in Krakow in its good position. The ultimate goal of the factory is to produce the highest quality product that meets or even surpasses customers’ expectations. 

The production is supported by quality assurance, engineering and EHS departments. All processes are being reported, analyzed and new improvement possibilities are searched.

Philip Morris Polska Tobacco Sp. z o.o. (PMPL-T) – with headquarter based in Krakow and with threshing plant based in Lezajsk - contracts, purchases and processes tobacco.
Company operational activities start from cooperation with growers, tobacco purchases and tobacco industrial processing in factory in Lezajsk. Afterwards, through chain delivery management, including logistics and purchasing processes, and production resources planning, we reach the core of Operations department that is production center in Krakow (PMPL SA).

Philip Morris Polska Distribution Sp. z o.o. (PMPL-D) – with headquarter based in Krakow and with office based in Warszawa, which sells and distributes tobacco products on home market.
Main departments of PMPL-D are:

  • Marketing and Sales Department located in Warszawa

The principal task for Marketing and Sales’ employees is to develop and implement consumer insights driven products. Then, by exploiting all personalized tools, they need to communicate these products to our adult consumers. Communication campaigns are aimed only at adult smokers who voluntarily passed on their personal data to be included in the PMPL-D consumer data base.
Once the products have been introduced and widely communicated, there comes the time for activities of our Sales Force that is present throughout all Poland. Their main task is to assure product visibility and availability on retail and wholesale market, take care of our products expositions, develop supply channels, improve relationships with key accounts.

  • Corporate Affairs Department with offices in Warszawa and Krakow

Corporate Affairs (CA) develops and executes strategies that seek to ensure an external operating environment that enables us to achieve business goals, to grow as a company and to have opportunities to develop our business, our brands and our people.
Internally and externally we are committed to be responsible in our practices and our relationships, in our dialogue and our communications. We also strive to build, reinforce and promote a strong corporate identity and culture.

  • Consumer Insights Department located in Warszawa

Collects and analyzes information that may have significant impact on strategic decisions of the company. They monitor economic and legal changes on the tobacco market, assess future business environment developments and analyze how they can affect our company and our business.
They also make researches of consumers’ needs to gather comprehensive insights that help to develop a portfolio of innovative products. 

  • Legal Departament  with offices in Warszawa and Krakow

It is extremely important for us to realize our mission and business goals in compliance with rapidly changing laws and regulations. The main aim of Legal department is to support other functions and provide our employees with effective legal assistance in various areas, like civil, commercial, administration, labor and property rights law.

In order to increase the flexibility, speed of operation and company’s results, from January 2006 PMI Service Center Europe Sp. z o.o. (PMI SCE) was established in Krakow. PMI SCE provides European affiliates of Philip Morris International with financial, human resources and information services in 39 European countries.