Who We Are

Franklin Resources, Inc. is a global investment management organization known as Franklin Templeton Investments. Our headquarters are located just south of San Francisco, in San Mateo, California. We have offices in over 30 countries around the world, offering investment solutions and services in more than 150 countries and maintain over 200,000 advisor relationships.

What We Do

We offer investment products primarily under the Franklin, Templeton and Mutual Series brand names and manage investment vehicles for individuals, institutions, pension plans, trusts, partnerships and other clients.

We take a long-term, strategic approach to investing that has helped us thrive through the many ups and downs of market cycles over the past 65 years. Franklin Templeton has sought out opportunities by adhering to these principles: Don’t follow the crowd. Buy when markets are down. Hunt for value and bargains. Search worldwide. And evaluate each investment based on strict criteria. These principles have helped us build an enviable record of performance, achieve the goals of millions of investors and made Franklin Templeton one of the largest, most respected mutual fund companies in the world.

Fiscal responsibility is embedded in all aspects of our business. At Franklin Resources, Inc. (operating as Franklin Templeton Investments), our solid financial track record includes conservative balance sheet management practices, substantial liquid cash and investments and access to additional liquidity. Furthermore, our credit ratings are among the highest of any asset management company.

In much the same way that portfolio diversification reduces risk, our asset base, diversified by investment objective and sales region, has served as a key strength, particularly during challenging market conditions. In fact, coming out of the recent global recession—the worst economic crisis since the creation of mutual funds—we emerged stronger than ever.


Think Global, Act Local

As the global economy has become increasingly more complex and interconnected, the nature of global investing continues to change. True global diversification requires more than analyzing international markets from afar; it requires firsthand knowledge and an understanding of local market nuances.

Our global perspective is built on decades of first-hand experience navigating the world’s local markets. A pioneer in global investing, we have developed an extensive network of research offices, trading platforms and investment professionals working in offices around the world.