2023 Finance Analyst Internship in Wroclaw - February


  • Wrocław

    Wrocław, Lower Silesia
  • offer expired a month ago
  • internship / apprenticeship contract
  • full-time
  • trainee

Your responsibilities

  • We offer internships in the following areas: Treasury, Group Finance and Finance Change. Our 3-month internship will introduce you to the corporate and financial world at a leading Swiss bank. During this internship you will learn how to use basic tools, such as Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, as well as develop your financial knowledge through our internal training courses.

  • You will attend training courses that explain what we do, provide more detail on your role and the role of CFO

  • You will help your new colleagues in various business as usual tasks and reports preparation

  • You will have a chance to help others by taking part in a Charity Day organized for our interns

  • You will be assigned a Credit Suisse buddy who will provide you with additional support prior to, during, and after your internship

  • You will undertake an assigned desk specific project during your internship and work on a group project with other interns; this will help you build upon your project management, team collaboration and presentation skills.

Our requirements

  • The program offers opportunities to meet with senior managers, colleagues and peers at all levels across the bank, giving you an insight into the bank, its culture, and helping you to build a professional network.

  • Your manager will work with you on an objective and review process, which will provide an outline of requirements and goals, and provide a structure throughout the placement. While our employees have a wide range of experiences, interests and degrees, they share an intellectual curiosity, a desire to achieve and a pattern of perfection and achievement.

  • Customer-focused and committed to developing creative solutions

  • Critical thinker with excellent problem-solving skills

  • Self-starter who is able to envision long-term goals and ways to attain them

  • A helping team member who builds excellent relationships

  • An articulate communicator who also recognizes the importance of listening

  • Analytical and logical, with raw intellectual ability

  • Available for 30-40 hours per week

  • Ultimate year student or graduate in 2022.

Your future colleagues

During the internship, you will be in one of the following departments under CFO division:


Treasury Department actively manages the Bank's Capital and Liquidity positions within Market and Regulatory constraints. Our key objective is to ensure diversified and uninterrupted Funding sources across multiple Markets. In addition, we define Bank’s Liquidity Structure dependent on our forecasts and instruct traders to execute Bank’s Funding Strategy.

Group Finance COO

Drive control and visibility of CFO Division and GF cost base / headcount, ensuring cost targets are met. Provide management with independent financial information and analysis, Month End Actual/ Budget reporting, Front Office allocation process.

Liquidity Measurement and Reporting Liquidity Measurement (LMR)

Liquidity Measurement and Reporting Liquidity Measurement (LMR) is a team responsible for liquidity reporting for the main regulators (FINMA, PRA and FED) and other authorities, as well as for management information (MI) to support various functions with regards to liquidity management. Liquidity reports show changes in liquidity resulting from unexpected market events and apply stress calculation assumptions on various financial products to present its behaviour during crisis.

Finance Operations and Application Management

Finance Operations and Application Management is responsible for the execution of Financial Systems Control, Finance Operations, and non-GF Service delivery processes in an effective and controlled manner to meet reporting requirements and to quality standards and timeline. FOAM comprises of three teams: Finance Application Management (FAM), Expense Accounting & Control (EAC) and Finance Operations (FO).

IT Allocations

IT Allocations team is an international team responsible for monthly process of IT expense allocations to the final beneficiary within Front Offices or Corporate Functions. IT Allocations process is based on allocations keys delivered by the business. The team is also responsible for IT allocations reporting process and support business when it comes to all matters regarding IT Allocation process.

Your future colleagues

You will join a high-reaching, inclusive culture. One where we succeed together – across the desk and around the globe. Where like-minded people work naturally together to achieve great things. During the whole internship program you will be supported by an internal trainer who will introduce you to the respective HR processes, tools and applications, colleagues and peers at all levels across the MyHR Services & Solutions department. You will gain insight into the bank and its culture, as well as the opportunity to build a professional network. Your language skills will be used in direct client contact every day. The program also offers opportunities to meet with senior managers, colour managers will work with you on an objective and review process, providing structure to your placement including an outline of requirements and goals. This practice also gives us a tangible framework for assessing you for a full-time graduate position after your graduation. The internship is our core-hiring channel for our full-time specialist class.

Your program's highlights

Based on the Chief Financial Officer's (CFO) business strategy, our aim is to become a robust CFO organization that attracts top professionals and enables us to engage, grow and retain talents through an exciting and inclusive partnership culture.

Grow our talent – our approach focuses on developing future leaders of the firm through enhanced development programs and career opportunities.

Diversity and Inclusion – a diverse culture engages each individual and makes them feel valued which is important to the success of the organization. It helps us attract, develop, and retain the best people.

Engagement and Retention – for the long-term success, CFO Finance seeks to enhance the engagement and improve the retention of all employees by encouraging agile working approach, building up possibilities for personnel improvements and acting responsible towards society.

Leadership and Culture – requirements for strong leadership are clearly defined behavioral expectations, targeted growth of hardworking leaders and a culture of partnership and trust.