Pracodawca zakończył zbieranie zgłoszeń na tę ofertę

Pracodawca zakończył zbieranie zgłoszeń na tę ofertę

Account Manager

FLOBOTICS sp. z o.o.

10 00023 000 net (+ VAT) / mth.

FLOBOTICS sp. z o.o.

Młynarska 8/12



Your responsibilities

  • Overseeing communication between developers and clients

  • Managing client happiness

  • Upselling existing clients

  • Maintaining customer loyalty

  • Fostering long-term relationships with clients

  • Ensuring that clients are achieving their goals

  • Maintaining and developing relationships with existing clients

  • Establishing and building new partnerships

Our requirements

  • Experience in selling and relationship management specifically in the IT industry

  • Fluent business English required C1+/C2/native

  • Fluent business Polish

  • Ability to work autonomously

  • The ability to give and receive feedback regularly!

  • Having your ex-coworkers vouch for your ability to work in a team and communicate well

  • Well organized

  • Proactive

  • Outgoing

  • Likable

  • But... if you want a higher salary, experience with selling/upselling complex digital solutions to corporate and SME clients is what we need

  • And... if you want the highest (or more), on top of everything above, you should have a list of corporate, international clients who trust you and are willing to get more services from you

What we offer

  • No corporate bulls**t

  • You’re not just a tiny gear in a big machine - You are part of the core team that has direct impact on how the company operates.

  • You're going to be the 17-19th team member in the company. January last year it was just 3 of us, think where we can go together in a year with your help!

  • Awesome, unique atmosphere

  • No boredom

  • We will care for your personal development, satisfaction, and happiness - if you let us

  • Fun

  • A lot of integration parties

  • Direct access to big, international corporations, American start-ups, and other, super-cool clients!

  • Access to knowledge of sales-consulting companies if needed.

  • Doesn't matter if you have aspirations to become a VP of Sales & Partnerships or stay close with clients and master your skills, we'll find the way to get the best out of you - together!

About Us

We are looking for a B2B Success - Account Manager in the fields of IT, Digital, and/or RPA.

We are a team of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) experts, developers, and consultants. We love what we do - so we deliver the highest quality.

Go ahead, Google "Flobotics reviews" and see why all of our clients love us so much.

It's so much easier to vouch for something you can be constantly PROUD OF.

Some fun facts about Flobotics:

• We love RPA but we also love to have fun, that's why at least once a month we do something nice together and a couple of times a year we go for trips(parties). Can you make our sailing trip on the 20-23th of May? :)

• We asked the first 10 team members for one word they associate with Flobotics

3 said "Fun", 3 said "People", 3 said "Parrots" and one said something totally senseless.

• Most of the team works from home, but every Wednesday most of the Warsaw-based team meets in the office to spend some time together.

• We have a beloved list of "golden quotes" and you'll end up there sooner than you think ;)

• Business Process Automation is a very sexy topic right now, so everybody wants to hear us out - and it turns out with a team of absolute A-players taken from EY, Delloite, KPMG, Accenture - We deliver it REALLY WELL.