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Backend Developer

ALK - ABELLÓ POLAND sp. z o.o.

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ALK - ABELLÓ POLAND sp. z o.o.

aleja Pokoju 1



Technologies we use


  • Git

  • SQL

  • Kafka

  • PHP

About the project

As our new Back end Developer, you will become a member of the global Digital Products and CX team. We’re an international team spanning across Denmark, Germany, UK, Poland and over to the USA. We have a can-do attitude, are excellent chaos pilots' and thrive with new challenges. As colleagues, we’re very people-focused and have an exceptional team spirit. Our team consists of various profiles and expertise which offer you unique opportunities to grow and learn from.

If you are curious, flexible, and eager to learn and grow, this is the perfect fit.

Your expertise will encompass managing and maintaining various system logic, databases, data transfer, integrations, and API development. Effective communication skills will be essential as you will be required to understand business needs and translate them into efficient backend solutions. With your technical prowess, you will tackle challenges creatively and provide insightful solutions.

Working closely with an internal DevOps team and an external agency partner, you will be at the core of all back-end related work. Your focus will be on managing and maintaining the existing codebase and logic, while continually striving to improve, optimize, and address new requirements.

Reporting to the Technical Project Manager, you will collaborate closely with the front-end developer.

Your responsibilities

  • Key Responsibilities:

  • Write code, build prototypes, proactively resolve issues, analyze bottlenecks, and debug to ensure the robustness of back-end systems.

  • Collaborate with the front-end developer and agency partners to seamlessly integrate user-facing elements with server-side logic, ensuring smooth functionality and an exceptional user experience.

  • Gather and address technical and design requirements for diverse projects, aligning them with business objectives.

  • Collaborate with the team to identify new features and improvement opportunities, devising implementation plans to enhance system performance and user satisfaction.

  • Implement appropriate security measures and data protection protocols to safeguard sensitive information.

  • Additional Responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain scalable APIs and web services to facilitate efficient data transfer and integrations with external systems.

  • Perform thorough testing of back-end systems to ensure reliability, stability, and optimal performance.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including UX/UI designers and QA engineers, to deliver high-quality solutions within specified timelines.

  • Stay updated with industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices in back-end development, applying this knowledge to drive innovation and continuous improvement.

  • Participate in code reviews, providing constructive feedback and ensuring adherence to coding standards and best practices.

  • Contribute to the documentation of system architecture, technical specifications, and deployment processes to ensure clarity and facilitate seamless collaboration.

Our requirements

  • Bachelor’s or Master degree or equivalent in related field.

  • 3-5 years work experience as a back end/full stack developer

  • Proficiency in PHP with a foundational understanding of MVC and OOP.

  • Experience with Laravel is a plus.

  • Extensive understanding of RESTful APIs and working with code versioning in Git.

  • Demonstrated experience with integrating multiple data sources and databases into a unified system.

  • Proficiency in JavaScript, including frameworks such as React Native for mobile app development.

  • Familiarity with state management libraries like Zustand and Redux for efficient data handling in web applications.

  • Experience with AWS services, such as EC2 for scalable infrastructure deployment and RDS for managed databases.

  • Knowledge of AWS MSK (Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka) for building scalable, real-time data streaming applications.

  • Proficiency in Shopify development, including theme customization and app integrations.

  • Ability to work with e-commerce platforms and implement solutions for online transactions, order management, and inventory control.

  • Familiarity with front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks (e.g., React, Vue.js) for collaborating effectively with front-end developers.

  • Experience in implementing and managing caching mechanisms (e.g., Redis, Memcached) for performance optimization.

  • Understanding of containerization technologies such as Docker for efficient deployment and scalability.

  • Knowledge of database management systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB.

  • Familiarity with message brokers (e.g., Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ) for building asynchronous and distributed systems.

  • Exposure to serverless computing and AWS Lambda for building scalable and cost-effective backend solutions.

  • Proficient in writing efficient SQL queries and optimizing database performance.

  • Familiarity with Agile methodologies and experience working in Agile development teams.

  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot issues across the entire technology stack.

  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a team-oriented environment.

  • Strong attention to detail, ability to work with structured code, and proactive problem-solving skills.

  • Ability to adhere to deadlines and take responsibility for assigned tasks.

  • Fluent verbal and written communication skills in English.


  • React Native: Experience in building cross-platform mobile applications using React Native, including navigation, state management, and integrating with native modules.

  • Redux: Proficiency in Redux for managing application state and data flow in JavaScript-based applications.

  • Zustand: Familiarity with Zustand, a lightweight state management library, as an alternative to Redux for simpler state management needs.

  • PHP Frameworks: Familiarity with other PHP frameworks such as Symfony, CodeIgniter, or CakePHP to broaden the range of project compatibility.

  • Shopify App Development: Experience in developing custom apps and integrations for the Shopify platform, utilizing Shopify APIs and webhooks.

  • PHP CMS: Proficiency in working with PHP-based content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress or Drupal.

  • Shopify Theme Customization: Ability to customize Shopify themes using Liquid templating language and front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

  • AWS MSK: Knowledge and practical experience with AWS Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK), including event-driven architectures and real-time data processing.

  • Microservices Architecture: Understanding and practical experience in designing and building applications based on a microservices architecture using PHP and other technologies.

This is how we organize our work

This is how we work

  • in house
  • you focus on a single project at a time
  • you focus on product development

Team members

  • backend developer

This is how we work on a project

  • code review

    What we offer

    ALK Poland offers a safe and healthy workspace in a modern office (Aleja Pokoju 1) that features of Danish design and the best view in Krakow. As an employer, ALK Poland offers a competitive benefits package, including:

    • multibenefit,

    • private medical care,

    • life insurance,

    • Sodexo card,

    • company bikes,

    • holiday donations and Christmas vouchers,

    • mobiles for all employees,

    • flexible working hours and hybrid model,

    • an additional day off on your birthday,

    • funding external training and language courses,

    • team building activities, including parties, movie nights, away days and many more!


    • sharing the costs of sports activities

    • private medical care

    • sharing the costs of foreign language classes

    • sharing the costs of professional training & courses

    • life insurance

    • remote work opportunities

    • flexible working time

    • fruits

    • corporate products and services at discounted prices

    • integration events

    • mobile phone available for private use

    • computer available for private use

    • corporate credit card

    • no dress code

    • video games at work

    • coffee / tea

    • drinks

    • leisure zone

    • extra social benefits

    • pre-paid cards

    • sharing the costs of tickets to the movies, theater

    • holiday funds

    • sharing the costs of holidays for kids

    • baby layette

    • christmas gifts

    • birthday celebration

    • employee referral program

    • charity initiatives

    • extra leave

    If this sounds like a mission you also would like to be part of, we hope to receive your CV.

    ALK - ABELLÓ POLAND sp. z o.o.

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    ALK has nearly 100 years of experience in the field of allergy and is a world leader in allergy immunotherapy. In 2018, ALK established the sister brand, klarify, focusing on thinking of people with allergy first. The klarify team, of +20 people is looking to hire a Site Experience Specialist to join the Consumer Digital Operations team.

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