Oferta pracy

Business Analyst


11 00017 000 net (+ VAT) / mth.
  • Wrocław

    Wrocław, Lower Silesia
  • offer expired 2 months ago
  • B2B contract
  • full-time
  • specialist (Mid / Regular), senior specialist (Senior)
  • remote recruitment

Technologies we use


  • Agile

Operating system

Your responsibilities

  • Closely cooperates with the American Product Owner and all stakeholders (Polish Team, MasterBorn Board Members)

  • Full responsibility for clients satisfaction and interests

  • Practical experience in workshop with client

  • Clearly communicates the product vision and the product goals internally and makes sure they are pursued and achieved by the team

  • Constructs and specifies clear requirements for the team

  • Alongside PO, manages Product Backlog (contents, priorities, order of implementation)

  • Appropriate representation of MB during work with the client (as experts, responsible team, trustworthy people)

  • Identifying potential new customer needs (up selling)

Our requirements

  • Minimum 4 years of work experience as a BA

  • Practical experience in cooperation, conducting talks, meetings with English-speaking clients

  • Practical experience in working with proven shareholders (including a programming team)

  • Experience in working in Agile projects (Scrum, Kanban)

  • Experience in working on a project Road Map and clearly defining and writing down requirements

  • Analytical mindset (understanding the project from a helicopter view and in details)

  • Ability to conduct workshops with the client (use of a wide range of workshop techniques depending on the type of client and their needs)

  • Communicativeness, assertiveness, positive attitude

  • Problem solving way of thinking

  • Good self management & decision-making skills

  • Fluent in English speaking and writing - min. C1

This is how we organize our work

Team size

  • 50+

This is how we work

  • in house
  • at the client's site
  • agile
  • scrum

Team members

  • backend developer
  • frontend developer
  • technical leader
  • architect
  • data scientist
  • manual tester
  • product owner
  • project manager
  • scrum master
  • graphic designer
  • UI designer
  • UX designer
  • UX researcher
  • business analyst

This is how we work on a project

  • Clean Code

  • code review

  • design patterns

  • DDD

  • event modeling

  • TDD

  • architect / technical leader support

  • Continuous Integration

  • DevOps

  • manual tests

Development opportunities we offer

  • conferences in Poland

  • development budget

  • external training

  • mentoring

  • soft skills training

  • space for experimenting

What we offer

  • 1st month: The first month is there for you to get to know us better. You'll meet our people and get familiar with our Startup Mindset. You'll learn about our work style and the tools we use. We will introduce you to our ongoing projects.

  • 2nd month: This is the one where you get to focus on your project. You'll start working with our US client and the dev team. No worries, we'll help you feel comfortable with the project and also you will be supported by our team.

  • 3rd month: This is the time when you already have the appropriate knowledge and you'll tell us what we should improve/change/do better.

  • Benefits

  • sharing the costs of sports activities

  • private medical care

  • sharing the costs of foreign language classes

  • sharing the costs of professional training & courses

  • remote work opportunities

  • flexible working time

  • fruits

  • integration events

  • corporate library

  • no dress code

  • coffee / tea

  • drinks

  • birthday celebration


Have you heard of the American Dream? We have!

So, 100% of our clients and referrals are from the high-end American IT market.

As an Expert , you should have an impressive history of unique career and life experiences to bring diverse views to our team and also the ability to transform your experience into the right choices for yourself and your team.

We want to work with great people!

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Perks & Benefits:

I. Flexible Schedules to Meet Your Needs:

Flexible schedules. You decide how you organize your work, as long as you and your team are happy with the results.

II. You will work on Inspiring Projects:

American projects; you will have the opportunity to meet American culture of work. Top-notch hardware; you will work on the MacBook PRO, because we like to work on the best equipment.

III. Never Stop Growing:

You will have individual growth budget for your educational plan.

You will have your own kindle and unlimited access to great books.

IV. Take Care of Your Mood:

You will be able to use medical treatment in any place you prefer.

You will be able to use your sports card for the gym or other sports activities.