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Data Scientist



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Technologies we use


  • Python

  • TensorFlow

  • MySQL

Your responsibilities

  • Meeting with stakeholders, discussing their needs and translating them into Data Science problems

  • Conduct data-driven analyses to provide input to decisions (e.g. which DSV country to start with for a specific use case)

  • Identifying proper solutions / models / pre-trained models for particular business cases

  • Pre-processing the data (cleaning, transforming) for ML models

  • Train ML models on prepared training data using GPU on cloud and on premises

  • Test and evaluate ML models and present conclusions on further improvements

  • Using and tweaking existing frameworks for running automated testing and evaluation of ML models

  • Maturing models to be available as services for other components

  • Present your results on an ongoing basis to team mates and business stakeholders

Our requirements

  • Code languages: Python (using both OOP as well as popular libraries such as Pandas, Scikit)

  • Solid understanding of Machine Learning in practice: be able to speak about several projects you participated in

  • Very good knowledge of Deep Learning with focus on NLP: Transformers, Bert family and where it all came from

  • ML Frameworks: TensorFlow / PyTorch and other open-source frameworks

  • ML model serving: TensorFlow serving, Torch serving

  • Cloud: Azure

  • Modern software development: good understanding of DevOps, CI/CD, MLOps

  • Basic knowledge of database technologies such as: relational database (we use MySQL), NoSQL database (we use MongoDB)

  • Version control: Git (we use Atlassian BitBucket as a GUI on top of Git)


  • Code languages: Java, Scala

  • Authentication: Open ID Connect 2.0 (we use Red Hat KeyCloak as identity broker)

  • Containerization: Docker

  • Container orchestration: Kubernetes

  • CI/CD Pipelines: Jenkins (our templates are written in Groovy)

  • Load balancing: NGINX

  • Installation scripts: Ansible

  • Event streaming: Confluent Kafka, K streams

  • Requirements: Jira

  • Documentation: Confluence

  • Frontend technologies: React JS, Material UI, JavaScript/TypeScript, Redux

  • Test framework: Jest

What we offer

  • Employment contract

  • Buddy

  • Comprehensive onboarding program

  • Internal training catalogue and e-learning platform

  • Culture of feedback

  • Internal transition program

  • Scandinavian work culture

  • Work-life Harmony

  • Benefits

  • sharing the costs of sports activities

  • private medical care

  • sharing the costs of foreign language classes

  • life insurance

  • corporate gym

  • christmas gifts

  • charity initiatives

  • modern & ergonomic eco-office

  • bike parking

  • electric vehicle charging stations

  • canteen

Recruitment stages

CV Analysis


Telephone contact


1st Recruitment meeting


Tests (optional)


2nd Recruitment meeting (optional)




DSV Group is one of the world’s leading transport, freight forwarding and logistics companies. Our headquarters are located in Denmark and our offices – in more than 90 other countries.

DSV consists of following divisions: DSV ISS | DSV Road | DSV Air&Sea | DSV Solutions | DSV Services.

DSV International Shared Services (DSV ISS) in Warsaw is in a phase of dynamic development. We employ more than 1200 fantastic people and this number is constantly increasing.

We provide global IT services within areas like: Service Desk, Network, EDI, SAP, WMS, Software Development, Corporate Integration, Citrix.

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  • https://social.dsv.com/2QS

Take a 360-degree Virtual Tour of the DSV ISS Office