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Technologies we use


  • Elixir

  • JavaScript

  • SQL

  • Git

  • React.js

  • GraphQL


  • Docker

  • AWS

  • Heroku

About the project

If you're an ambitious programmer who has already got a fair deal of experience creating web applications, and you'd like to work on projects whose technological stack includes:

- Elixir, Erlang/OTP, Phoenix Framework, Absinthe on the backend side,

- JS and widely-adopted frameworks such as React and Vue on the frontend side, as well as modern styling solutions,

- Docker, AWS, Linux, and other popular infrastructure & deployment solutions,

Then, we'd like to invite you to the Fullstack Elixir Developer position at Curiosum!

We are a Poznan, Poland-based company working on software for a variety of businesses, including but not limited to: e-learning, smart insurance, compliance management platforms, among others.

If you join us, you’ll have a chance to:

- Be at the core of a young, ambitious & integrated team using state-of-the-art technology, with knowledge sharing and mutual support as its core values

- Enjoy a friendly atmosphere & learn new things every day while working on challenging commercial projects

- Work comfortably from our office in Poznań with flexible hours and paid vacations - or remotely, though our office is equipped with several incentives to come say hello! (electric standing desks, PS5, table football, BBQ-powered summer terrace, and many others).

Your responsibilities

  • Solid understanding of web applications, commonly used concepts and tools, and their architectural patterns - terms like DDD, microservices, REST, GraphQL must ring a bell for you

  • Great knowledge of Elixir/OTP and Phoenix Framework (or working experience in another language & framework and willingness to learn Elixir fast)

  • Decent JavaScript expertise, including a leading JS framework (preferably React)

  • Good understanding of typical server infrastructure & deployment solutions - you're not going to be a full-time DevOps Engineer, but knowing how to co-operate with those is key

  • Feeling at home with relational databases - and knowing a thing or two about more advanced aspects of their usage (e.g. triggers, stored procedures, etc.)

  • Ability to write clean, well-tested, and maintainable code

  • Analyzing and solving complex tasks on your own

  • Fluent communication in English - at least a very strong B2 or C1, to communicate efficiently with our clients in both written and spoken form.

This is how we organize our work

Team size

  • 8

This is how we work

  • in house
  • you focus on a single project at a time
  • you develop the code "from scratch"
  • you focus on product development
  • you focus on code maintenance
  • kanban

Team members

  • fullstack developer


Curiosum is a software house based in Poznań, Poland, specializing in custom Web and Mobile development.

Because we care about speed, efficiency, and scalability, we use Elixir, Phoenix & React as our core technologies.

We are building a fresh, ambitious team - and looking for a talented Elixir Developer to help us build robust and reliable solutions for our customers.

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