HR Coordinator - Start UP Opportunity on Amazon

  • Warszawa, mazowieckie
  • Stanislawa Kostki Potockiego pokaż mapę
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  • 31.07.2019
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    Flamaggio LLC

    We're a dynamically growing international Start-Up company :)

    • We run a small portfolio of start-up initiatives/eCommerce projects/companies serving Amazon sellers, some being:

      Job Description: Office Management/HR Project Manager - in a Dynamically Growing Start UP Company.

      Young, Ambitious & Fun:

      • We’re a young, dynamic USA-based start up company with a Polish office in Warsaw, Miasteczko Nowy Wilanów.
      • We are an e-commerce, online company, specilizing in sales on Amazon and serving Amazon USA sellers.
      • Our forward-thinking system connects Amazon sellers (who need testers for their new products) with Buyers/Reviewers (who love to test new releases and leave online reviews).
      • We are looking for ambitious, enthusiastic people to join our team who want to achieve ambitious and exciting goals.
      • We're high on fun and kind company culture and friendly, family-alike environment.

    HR Coordinator - Start UP Opportunity on Amazon

    Workplace: Warszawa

    More Fun:

    Personal Growth & The Team You'd Like to Call Friends:

    • YOU GET:

      • We provide eCommerce training (you'll learn ticks & tricks no one in Poland teaches or does)
      • International, English speaking work environment
      • Family-alike work atmosphere (we are practical advocates of kindness, above all)
      • We offer independent contractor/ international freelance agreement 
      • In a small team (of 15) you get the ability to make a real impact on company's brand creative decisions
      • Career opportunity to grow to higher level position organically (unlike rat races in corporations)
      • Ability for your ideas to be heard and implemented - we act fast and you'll have a real say over the project/brand you will manage (unlike in corporations)
      • Being a part of building something bigger and meaningful (not products/businesses you don't care about) with the people you would actually like :)

    How it Works:

    • Office Location: Warszawa, Miasteczko Nowy Wilanow
    • Time frame: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (work in our office), Sat & Sun (weekend only home office: 3 hours work each day as work from home, any time you want) - as a start up company, we push towards our goals during the weekends as well (from home, from company laptop) but only for 3h/each day (you decide what hours you choose to do the 3+3h weekend home office)
    • Availability: Amazon never sleeps, we have global customers & it's a coordinator position so you have to be available 24/7 in case of emergencies to be able to respond and contribute (basically: 9-5 mentality is not matched well with eCommerce start-up so we look for A players with an ownership and management attitude in business)
    • We're a 100% english speaking office so please be comfortable to only communicate in english here (have couple of US-native team members who don't speak polish)
    • We're a small start-up company and a team of 15 people. We are a brand providing a service to Amazon sellers and buyesr but we're NOT an Amazon branch and we are not a part of Amazon itself. You will learn with us the ins and outs about glabal eCommerce - powerful addition to your CV.
    • We offer independent contractor agreement, not a regular employment contract. That means we don't provide tax & medical coverage & we don't provide work permits either (we're a US based company with a small polish branch).
    • This position is a mixture between Operations/Higher Managements, Performance Management, little bit of Finance and general Auditing for a dynamically growing projects/ side company in our portfolio (essentially being a Performance Manager to Project Managers/Team Leader running this eCommerce initiative- more info on this special and secret project at the in person meeting :-).
    • You (just like all of us) will be wearing many hats: your work as Performace eCommerce Manager will be to make sure the Project/ Company is successful. So your work will be in logistics, operations, finance (we'll train), admin management, auditing others (overseeing budgets, training new employees forecasting expenses, making payments, collecting invoices - no need for any specific knowledge - we will train you, you just need to like dealing with money and be very organized and detailed), creating and supervising SOPs, but also running any small errands for the company, like the rest of us - basically, for everyone involved on the mgmt level, "no job is too small" attitude has to be there naturally.
    • Apply by filling this form:/aplikuj/hr-coordinator-start-up-opportunity-on-amazon-warszawa,oferta,7006586
    • If you meet our criteria, we will be in touch within 24-48 hours (we hire fast!)


    • Being very detailed-oriented, organized and motivated to learn, create and contribute
    • Being a good team player (we live and work by principles of kindness and business being a team sport)
    • High motivation to learn and achieve ambitious goals (being an overachiever is a plus ;)
    • Being resourceful and not afraid to make decisions and think independently (ownership attitude)
    • Fluent english as we work in the english speaking office

    You Get:

    • Unique E-commerce Training. You will learn rare marketing and online tricks & hacks that no one else in Poland teaches or does
    • International team and environmeny - we're an english speaking office
    • Family-alike work atmosphere - we believe in kindness without compromise
    • In a small team (of 15) you get the ability to make a real impact on company's decisions (ownership & personal ambition attitude needed)
    • Working with other A-Players so you'll surranded by the right, accomplished, ambitious, smart and friendly team
    • English speaking office & work only in english - great for training the language (and an asset to your future CV)

    and more:

    • Endless learning potential within the Company
    • English speaking office (international environment)
    • Working with a team of Rockstars so you'll be working alongside enthusiastic, accomplished, ambitious, smart and friendly people, and learning directy from the most accomplished Senior managers in the Company

    If you're ready to take on any challenge who loves to learn, grow, achieve and has the "go getter" attitude - you're our pick!