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International Accountant

Railsware Solutions FZ-LLC

  • Lublin

  • offer expired 3 months ago
  • B2B contract
  • full-time
  • specialist (Mid / Regular)
  • home office work
  • remote recruitment

Your responsibilities

  • Issue invoices to clients and being part of collections team

  • Obtain proper source documents to support accounting

  • Make sure that invoices and bills in Xero are created correctly

  • Communicate with outsourced accountants and control the preparation of the financial statements by them

  • Submit tax returns

  • Keep and maintain databases of contractors, vendors, and clients

  • Participate in the audit of the local financial statements of entities in the United Arab Emirates, United States, Poland, and Ukraine

  • Contribute to Railsware financial policies

  • Update the team on your findings and results

Our requirements

  • Solid knowledge of double-entry bookkeeping, bank reconciliation

  • Generic knowledge of local GAAPs (maybe of your residence country) and IFRS / IAS

  • Experienced user of any accounting tool (e.g. Xero, Sage, QuickBooks, MS Dynamics, SAP FI, Oracle)

  • Extensive knowledge of Google Sheets or Excel (ability to use advanced functions, incl. Arrayformula, Sumif, Hlookup, Vlookup, Insert, etc.)

  • Proficiency in gathering data from different sources and its maintenance

  • Good project management skills

  • High level of both personal and professional ethics

  • Super diligence to execute the process start-to-end on a high-quality level

  • Attention to details and a deep focus on the contexts not to miss any important aspects

  • Great interpersonal relations and communication skills to always be on the same page with contractors, vendors, and clients

  • Fluent English (both written and spoken)

  • Fluent Ukrainian or Polish (as you’ll be working with UA or PL entity)


  • Hands-on experience with Slack, email, or other advanced communication tools AAT, CAT certificate, or similar

  • Understanding contracts, addendums, and operational papers

Railsware Solutions FZ-LLC

Railsware is a product studio. Since 2007, we have shaped our own “know-how” in product creation. Among others, we have helped Calendly and BrightBytes turn from small startups into close-to-billion-dollar companies.

Railsware products are the next step in company evolution. We have applied the best product development practices to creating our own solutions. Today, Mailtrap.io, Coupler.io, and Smart Checklist for Jira have over 800K users and generate over $1.7M of annual recurring revenue.

People feel great here. On average, a Railswarian stays in the company for about 5 years. We support our team with outstanding benefits and remote working culture.

We look for people with high potential ready to evolve in multiple directions. The right hires shape a team of A-players to learn from each other and evolve together.

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Railswarian’s Bonuses & Benefits


● Choose your flexible working schedule that suit your local time

● You can work in the office or remotely from any location

● 70% of Railswarians work fully remotely from 8+ countries

● We have a set of battle-tested approaches for remote work and collaboration

● We allocate a separate budget to help you set up a home office (buy furniture, pay

for the internet, etc.) or to rent a coworking in your city

● You can visit two comfortable offices in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Krakow, Poland:

● Both are equipped with modern ergonomic chairs and standing desks

● You can always find fresh food and drinks in our kitchen

● If there is a need, we provide support with relocation to Poland

Work Culture

● Craft and quality are core principles for us. Top-notch product management approaches

help us create outstanding products and provide great services both to our customers

and to Railswarians

● The culture of constant development that suits each Railswarian:

● A world-class team of T-shaped skilled professionals that share knowledge with

each other

● Our team will support your constant growth via regular performance reviews,

helping you shape an individual development plan, and conducting one-on-ones

to exchange feedback

● To stay competitive, we need to constantly learn new things. Railsware covers

education expenses and provides you with an opportunity to visit professional


● You can contribute to the company-level responsibilities that you are passionate

about, and grow beyond your role. You are the key driver of your personal growth

and can evolve in a community of professionals


● Railsware offers a competitive remuneration in USD

● Apart from your remuneration, you will also get a yearly bonus. Both depend on your

contribution to company growth, personal development, productivity, and team’s


● As an additional financial help, we provide microcredits


● While working at Railsware, you accumulate budget for hardware and software

● Railsware provides you with a workstation consisting of a MacBook or a PC, a

top-quality monitor, as well as additional accessories such as a trackpad, mouse,

headset, etc.

● Thanks to our hardware policy, you are able to work with the best equipment and

regularly update it


● You have 34 paid time off days per year. There are 24 standards days and, as our team

is distributed around multiple countries, you get 10 working days on top to cover public

holidays (you choose when you want to take your PTO)

● We cover sick leave, but we hope you won’t need it;)

● Health policy budget will cover your private sports and healthcare expenses

We are seeking a reliable professional who will contribute to running financial operations

internationally. The one who will keep our accounting data and processes clean and neatly