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JavaScript Developer

Black Label

10 00014 000 net (+ VAT) / mth.
  • offer expired 4 months ago
  • B2B contract
  • full-time
  • specialist (Mid / Regular), junior specialist (Junior)
  • hybrid work
  • Immediate employment
  • remote recruitment

Black Label

Jana Dekerta 47



Technologies we use


  • JavaScript

  • TypeScript

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Git


  • Node.js

  • Sass

  • Design Patterns

  • QUnit

  • Cypress

Operating system

About the project

You would be part of a small team improving the world-famous JS library - Highcharts. Also, you would help adjust the libraries for some of our customers.

The team is built on experienced developers that helped develop Highcharts for almost a decade - knowledge and expertise guaranteed. In-house Product Owner and an excellent scrum master make sure there is no hurdle, no stress, pure joy.

The hiring process should take approximately 2 weeks, depending on your availability.

Your responsibilities

  • Implementing new functionalities and refactoring existing solutions

  • Performing code reviews

  • Bug Fixing

  • Creating documentation

  • Supporting customers using the library

  • Creating tests for related functionality

  • Implementing custom functionalities for Business

Our requirements

We need you to have at least 3 years of experience, good English, and JavaScript knowledge.

Division of working time



Support, docs, meetings

This is how we organize our work

Team size

  • 3-5

This is how we work

  • in house
  • you focus on a single project at a time
  • you have influence on the product
  • you focus on product development
  • you focus on code maintenance
  • scrum

Team members

  • frontend developer
  • technical leader
  • architect
  • product owner
  • scrum master

This is how we work on a project

  • Clean Code

  • code review

  • design patterns

  • event modeling

  • pair programming

  • architect / technical leader support

  • Continuous Deployment

  • Continuous Integration

  • documentation

  • issue tracking tools

  • technical debt management

  • integration tests

  • regression tests

  • test automation

  • testing environments

  • unit tests

  • manual tests

Development opportunities we offer

  • external training

  • industry-specific e-learning platforms

  • intracompany training

  • substantive support from technological leaders

  • technical knowledge exchange within the company

What we offer

The stress-free atmosphere in a fair and supportive community. Everyone is different so we utilize individual work and career approaches. Also, there would always be someone to guide you and help you to progress.

  • Benefits

  • All standard perks

  • Paid days off

  • Individual English lessons

  • Parking space guaranteed

  • Friendly and involved community

  • Flexible hours

  • Ski and tropical trips

Recruitment stages

Discovery Call


Meeting Us


Summary call

Black Label

Black Label is a JavaScript-focused Software House with Highcharts expertise and a love for Scrum. We’ve been providing tailor-made software services to partners in Norway mostly, since 2006. The people-first approach is at the core of the company and has helped keep our core team intact - we have grown upwards and outwards together.

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  • 24+ people in Zabłocie and remotely, slowly growing

  • A fair and supportive community, a flat structure

  • 4 long-term projects/partnerships

  • Many short-term projects

  • JavaScript+Scrum in small teams