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Junior Operation Specialist - Manual Processing

Brown Brothers Harriman

Brown Brothers Harriman

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Your responsibilities

  • The specialist will be required to interpret fax instructions as they are received in various formats in order to be able to process them either in Fax Management System or Keystone. Clients use different fax templates so the specialist will need to be able to pull information from the fax accurately and identify between payments, book transfers, expects, amendments and other types. These faxes range from straight forward with little interpretation needed to complex where a knowledge of other departments or industry practices may be needed

  • The specialist must be able to work in a team environment as all instructions require a few people to complete the item. Communication within the group is key in order to get instructions processed before market deadlines

  • While the specialist may concentrate on either USD transactions or Non-USD transactions most of the time, they will need to be flexible as resources are moved around to accommodate volumes and ensure items are processed in timely manner

  • The specialist must process items accurately (i.e. no errors) and within established timeframes to be successful

  • When unclear instructions are received via fax or electronically within Keystone, the specialist should research the item and look to resolve the issues and escalate when appropriate

  • From time to time, the specialist will receive emails or phone calls from other BBH departments. They need to communicate professionally and provide quality answers

  • All specialists must adhere to firm policies particularly those related to Funds Transfer and department procedures

Our requirements

  • BA/BS degree or equivalent work experience

  • Demonstrated PC skills

  • Ability to identify, escalate and resolve a problem

  • Ability to communicate professionally through effective verbal and written sills

  • Ability to work in a team environment

  • Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure

  • Ability to multi-task

  • Professional client service skills

  • Good with numbers

What we offer

  • A collaborative environment that enables you to step outside your role to add value wherever you can

  • Direct access to clients, information and experts across all business areas around the world

  • Opportunities to grow your expertise, take on new challenges and reinvent yourself—without leaving the firm

  • A culture of inclusion that values each employee’s unique perspective

  • Opportunity to learn from “think global act local” perspective as an advantage of working in a global team

  • High-quality benefits program emphasizing good health, financial security, and peace of mind

  • Rewarding work with the flexibility to enjoy personal and family experiences at every career stage

  • Volunteer opportunities to give back to your community and help transform the lives of others

  • Benefits

  • sharing the costs of sports activities

  • private medical care

  • life insurance

At Brown Brothers Harriman, we believe no job is too big or small for any of us to handle if it helps our clients. We value passionate, committed people who enjoy collaborating with others to find new solutions to complex business challenges. We are looking for the type of person who speaks their mind, truly listens and steps outside their role to add value wherever they can. Someone who is driven to get things done and views obstacles as an exciting challenge, that demands a creative solution. Above all, we seek someone, who takes great pride in their work and is inspired and motivated by their role in protecting and enhancing our client’s financial well-being. If you are looking for an entrepreneurial environment where you can learn and thrive, Brown Brothers Harriman is the right place for you.

If you are looking to push your career to the next level, introduce yourself by submitting your resume.

Join us as Junior Operations Specialist – Manual Processing

You would be responsible for the processing of manually initiated wire transfer instructions. These wire transfer may be in USD or a foreign currency. The position entails understanding industry wide payment formatting conventions (SWIFT) as well as BBH’s own processing systems and requirements. The specialist will need to be able to interpret instructions in order to differentiate between the various types of money movements (ex. payments from expects). Timeliness and accuracy are key traits needed to succeed in this position.

BBH is committed to diversity, innovation and globalization. Our culture is driven by our goal to provide the best solutions and services to our clients and each other. Our Partnership structure creates a flat organization that promotes collaboration across all business lines. We believe that diverse ideas and the ability to come together globally across groups and borders are a competitive advantage. In order for all our teams to excel, members must trust each other and feel comfortable providing honest input from all perspectives.

This openness sparks innovation and agility, which adds to the entrepreneurial spirit and provides many more career opportunities for our staff. We are a group of high-performing, dedicated and caring professionals who believe that working together is the foundation for superior client service excellence.

As a BBH professional, your career path is yours to define. We take pride in our ability to retain our best employees. We help them manage their careers by moving top performers to new areas of BBH where their talents will make the greatest contribution. As soon as you walk through the doors at BBH, we provide you with the tools to help you succeed and grow your career.

Brown Brothers Harriman

Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) is a privately-held financial institution and has been a thought leader and solutions provider for over 200 years. We serve the most sophisticated individuals and institutions with award-winning expertise in Investment Management, Private Banking, and Investor Services. Our 5,000 colleagues operate from 17 cities throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

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