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Lead Engineer, Data Engineering

Bain Global Business Services Center Sp. z o.o.

Bain Global Business Services Center Sp. z o.o.

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Technologies we use


  • SQL

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • Oracle

  • Git

  • Alteryx

  • Talend

  • Tableau

  • AWS Glue

  • Azure Data Factory

  • MongoDB

  • AWS DynamoDB

  • Power BI

  • Qlik

  • Domo

  • Looker

Your responsibilities

  • Own the end-to-end data model/schema design, implementation, and support for Next Gen products across the portfolio

  • Work with the Next Gen team’s Senior Architects and Engineering Managers to validate designs, discuss trade-offs and benefits of various approaches, and ensure long-term scalability and performance over time as data volumes and user concurrency grows with product adoption

  • Ensure data models follow all Next Gen and industry-standard best practices related to data security, normalization, naming conventions, primary/foreign key relationships, indexing, constraints, and other considerations

  • Work with Bain and Next Gen’s Cloud and Operations teams to ensure best practices and standards are followed related to infrastructure/hosting, data security, user access management, permissions, monitoring, patching, and logging/auditing

  • Create approved and agreed-upon data models using DDL scripting to ensure repeatability and consistency, maintain scripts in a version control system

  • After data model creation, work to validate/test the model to ensure it meets all product and business requirements including creating realistic sample data sets, ensuring product queries and DDL statements run within expected values, run explain plans to ensure queries follow optional execution paths, and data remains consistent over time

  • Collaborate with Next Gen’s Product Visualization Engineering team on defining the optimal data structures for BI tools to leverage the data, which could include custom views, materialized views, user defined functions/procedures, or optimized SQL

  • During the course of product development, work as part of the core engineering team to update and test the data schema as needed to support new requirements and updates

  • For Next Gen leave-behind SaaS products requiring automated data ingestion, work to design and implement data pipelines that take data in from a variety of sources (cloud storage, flat files, APIs, etc.), run various cleansing/validation processes, and output the data in a defined format for product usage.

  • Work as part of a cross-functional Bain team to successfully deploy Next Gen products with clients

  • Define, document, and communicate required data schemas formats for Next Gen products and collection requirements for case teams/clients

  • Work with Bain and clients on defining the expected data set sizes, including initial load, cadence of new data imports, and long-term sizing of data based on usage assumptions

  • Work to procure required data from client systems using a variety of protocols including APIs, direct database connections, SFTP, cloud, flat files, and others

  • Use industry-leading data/ETL tools for data preparation including data validation, cleansing, joins/mergers, and reformatting into product required schemas for import

  • Upload data into product databases, ensuring data accuracy, consistency, and integrity

  • Provide 3rd level technical support as needed when issues arise

  • Keep up-to-date on various technologies related to data architecture and engineering

  • Participate on technical discovery, POCs, and innovation work streams to validate new tools, technologies, and designs

  • Training, professional development, internal meetings, team building events/outings, etc.

Our requirements

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Engineering, or any other technology-related field preferred, or strong relevant work experience

  • Total of 5+ years of relevant work experience with a data-engineering focus in a fast-paced, complex business setting

  • Strong experience with traditional relational database management systems (e.g., SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle) and SQL skills (DML & DDL)

  • Strong relational data modelling and design skills (tables, relationships, PK/FK, constraints/indexes)

  • Strong experience creating custom user defined functions, procedures, views, materialized views, and optimized SQL

  • Ability to troubleshoot slow performing queries, examining indexes, and running explain plans

  • Experience designing, implementing, and supporting end-to-end automated data pipelines using enterprise tooling, cloud-native services, or custom coding/development

  • Experience working with version control systems (e.g., Git)

  • Strong communication and presentation skills, including documenting complex data flows and processes for long-term support and maintenance

  • Must be result-driven, be an analytical and creative thinker, be self-motivated and proactive, be highly organised and demonstrated ability to stay calm and composed in a fast moving environment

  • Entrepreneurial spirit, innovative mind-set, willing to try new things, think outside the box, test and learn attitude

  • Experience with leading data preparation and analytics tools (e.g., Alteryx, Talend, Tableau Prep) - preferred

  • Python coding and development experience - preferred

  • Experience with enterprise cloud-based data ingestion and transformation technologies (e.g., Talend, SnapLogic, Informatica, Alteryx Server) - - preferred

  • Experience with cloud-native data services (e.g., AWS Glue, Azure Data Factory) - preferred

  • Experience with NoSQL databases (e.g., MongoDB, AWS DynamoDB) and cloud-native data warehouses (Snowflake, AWS Redshift, Azure Synapse) - preferred

  • Experience with enterprise BI platforms (e.g., Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, Domo, Looker) - preferred

What we offer

  • Employment contract

  • Annual Bonus

  • Flexible working hours

  • Working from home

  • Life Insurance

  • Private medical and dental care package

  • Multisport cards

  • Office wide social events and team buildings

  • Cafeteria with snacks and daily deliveries of fruit and bread

  • Informal dress code

  • Introduction trainings for new hires

  • Co-financing work-related courses

  • Relocation package

  • Benefits

  • sharing the costs of sports activities

  • private medical care

  • sharing the costs of professional training & courses

  • life insurance

  • remote work opportunities

  • flexible working time

  • fruits

  • integration events

  • dental care

  • corporate sports team

  • no dress code

  • coffee / tea

  • drinks

  • leisure zone

  • extra social benefits

  • employee referral program

  • charity initiatives

Bain Global Business Services Center Sp. z o.o.

Bain & Company is the management consulting firm that the world’s business leaders come to when they want results. Bain advises clients on strategy, operations, information technology, organization, private equity, digital transformation and strategy, and mergers and acquisition, developing practical insights that clients act on and transferring skills that make change stick. The firm aligns its incentives with clients by linking its fees to their results. Bain clients have outperformed the stock market 4 to 1. Founded in 1973, Bain has 58 offices in 37 countries, and its deep expertise and client roster cross every industry and economic sector.

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Department Overview

Bain's Next-Generation Software Solutions (NGSS) team has been set up to help Industry and Capability Practices digitize their Intellectual Property through a diversified set of technology, services, and support.

The team supports practices, case teams, and clients through various product delivery models including best-in-class partnerships with leading SaaS vendors, product development using industry-leading low code and business engineering platforms, and developing highly complex custom software solutions and products.

In addition to core product development, the team fills critical gaps through a growing technical services catalogue including technical architecture and code assessments, expert architecture consulting, business automation and integration, product visualization services, and infrastructure hosting and support.

Underlying these products and services is Next Gen’s Customer Success Program, ensuring the tools are setup and configured according to the case team and client’s needs, end-users are on-boarded and trained properly, and a global support structure is in-place to quickly answer any questions or address issues.

The results of these efforts are a greater ability to sell cases effectively, serve clients efficiently, and drive capability transfer. In short, it is about better results that enhance our clients' and our own competitiveness.

Position Summary

This pivotal role on the Next Gen Engineering team will work under the guidance of the team’s Senior Manager/Principal architect and Senior Software Engineering Manager across a broad range of data-related responsibilities.

The primary tasks of this role revolve around core product development including working as part of a cross-functional Agile development team to understand the business context and product domain, designing the underlying data model/schema to meet the product’s functional and non-functional requirements, ensuring the data architecture scales and remains performant based on the expected volumes and usage patterns, is consistent and has the right enforcement and integrity checks, implementing the data model using scripts/automation, working with the team to test and validate the design, and updating the model as needed to support new and changing business requirements and product features.

Another part of the role will revolve around delivery, partnering with Bain’s Practice and case teams to successfully deploy the product at Bain’s clients. This will involve working to procure the required data from the case team, using industry-leading tools and platforms to validate/cleans/blend/transform the data into the required product-specific schema, uploading the data into the tool, and running final validation checks.

Over time as Next Gen’s products mature, this role will expand into setting up automated data ingestion pipelines with clients to continually refresh a product’s underlying structured dataset. This will involve working with a combination of enterprise-level data ingestion and integration platforms, cloud-native services, and custom scripting and programming.

The role is based in Warsaw, local candidates can apply.

What makes us a great place to work

We are proud to be consistently recognized as one of the world's best places to work, a champion of diversity and a model of social responsibility. We are currently ranked the #1 consulting firm on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list, and we have maintained a spot in the top four on Glassdoor's list for the last 12 years. We believe that diversity, inclusion and collaboration is key to building extraordinary teams. We hire people with exceptional talents, abilities and potential, then create an environment where you can become the best version of yourself and thrive both professionally and personally. We are publicly recognized by external parties such as Fortune, Vault, Mogul, Working Mother, Glassdoor and the Human Rights Campaign for being a great place to work for diversity and inclusion, women, LGBTQ and parents.