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Media Analysis Project Manager


7 00013 000 net (+ VAT) / mth.
  • Silesian

  • offer expired 4 months ago
  • B2B contract
  • full-time
  • team manager
  • home office work
  • remote recruitment

Technologies we use

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About the project

We are looking to hire a project manager with experience in working for corporate clients to join our remote-working team of media analysts. As a young and relatively small company, we are looking to take advantage of the candidate’s breadth of corporate experience, and in return we offer improved work-life balance and the freedom of remote work without compromising the candidate’s income.

General terms and conditions:

• 120 hours per month contract – work time is flexible and dependant on project requirements, but the total number of hours per month should total 120

• Remote work

• Overtime is voluntary and paid

• Employment form: B2B contract (indywidualna działalność gospodarcza, kontrakt menadżerski under Polish law) with 2 months’ notice period

• Pay: we offer to match your current salary while requiring you to work significantly fewer hours per month. We’re offering between 7,000 and 13,000 zł (before taxes, i.e. amount on invoice, not including VAT), depending on your experience.

Your responsibilities

  • The role combines project and accounts management

  • You will be managing teams of 3-30 analysts working on media analysis projects for the world’s leading brands

  • Working together with the 9-strong management team, helping each other, and ensuring the projects are run smoothly

  • Checking the quality of data produced by the analysis team using MS Excel and other software

  • Providing constructive feedback to analysts, supporting them, and providing additional training as necessary

  • Managing analysts’ workloads to ensure project deadlines are met

  • Communicating with UK-based clients, updating them on progress, reporting issues, and seeking clarification on process changes

  • Reviewing new project briefs and clarifying requirements with clients

  • Keeping track of and logging project progress using project management software (Monday.com)

  • Answering client queries using helpdesk software (Freshdesk)

Our requirements

  • Full proficiency in English, written and spoken

  • Ability to communicate clearly and professionally in well-written English

  • Experience in managing teams, including remote workers

  • Experience in a fully remote positions

  • High proficiency in MS Excel used for data analysis

  • Good understanding of both traditional and social media

  • Excellent analytical skills, including understanding of descriptive statistics and charts

  • Familiarity with corporate culture to comfortably liaise with international clients

  • Ability to multitask effectively

  • Ability to work under pressure, prioritise tasks, and meet deadlines

  • Access to a fast Windows PC workstation or laptop with MS Office, and a stable, fast internet connection – both with backup options. IMPORTANT: MacBooks are not compatible with our IT systems.

  • Ability to stay connected and communicate efficiently across multiple online platforms (software we currently use: Microsoft 365, Monday.com, Salesforce, Google Docs, Airtable, Freshdesk)


  • Knowledge of additional foreign languages, particularly German, Spanish, Mandarin, or Japanese

  • Familiarity with PR, media measurement, social media analysis

  • Detailed knowledge about specific business sectors, e.g. finance, retail, automotive, telecoms, pharma

  • Report writing skills

What we offer

  • Full training in media analysis research methods

  • Possibility to combine work with other commitments or non-standard lifestyles

  • Comprehensive benefits package, including paid-for access to therapy

  • Being part of an inclusive and friendly work culture

  • We particularly welcome applications from candidates from disadvantaged backgrounds

  • Benefits

  • sharing the costs of professional training & courses

  • remote work opportunities

  • flexible working time

  • integration events

  • Free language classes

  • Free access to therapy sessions


Readwiser is a London-based company providing media analysis services to a range of clients including PR agencies, media monitoring, and social media research companies. We analyse traditional and social media content across over 20 languages to help our clients benchmark the image of their brand in the media and gauge the effectiveness of their PR strategies. Our way of work is driven by human-driven insight supported with cutting edge artificial intelligence tools and process automation. We are over 80 analysts, managers, and support staff, and most of us are freelancers based across the globe. We take pride in our pro-employee culture, adapting to the changing needs of our colleagues, while also offering job security, which results in high staff retention, a friendly and inclusive culture, and high job satisfaction.

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Recruitment process

Recruitment process will involve a submission of a CV, filling out a form, an interview, and a test task.