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Senior Game Designer



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Technologies we use

Operating system

About the project

We are looking for great candidates that will work with us as Senior Game Designer.

We want to give you the amazing opportunity to co-create a new F2P game that will use one of the strongest existing IPs on the planet! We can't tell you more details yet...but we are 100% sure you have at least one board game with this brand at home ;)

Your responsibilities

  • Designing the core loop of the game;

  • Designing games and features based on a data-driven approach;

  • Creating feature drafts and game design process documentation;

  • Communicating game system concepts, implementation processes, risks, and interactions;

  • Working on the game economy based on 500 million Real World Properties;

  • Creating monetization strategies that will not interfere with the main game loop;

  • Cooperating with the analytical team to define players' behavior and design gameplay based on it;

  • Cooperating with producers, UI/UX designers, QA, and engineers to iterate on games and features that will satisfy players and the vision of the product;

  • Collaborating with IP holders to ensure brand integrity;

  • Identifying core problems and low-hanging fruits of already existing games and cooperating with production teams to ensure the delivery of solutions;

  • Mentoring and evaluating Jr. Game Designers and Game Designers.

Our requirements

We expect that you will have the right experience for this position and be ready to carve your path to success. We will provide on-boarding, set expectations for the position, and together, set up goals for the position.

You must be able to prioritize in a fast-paced environment, independently analyze issues, work with minimal supervision, and be exceedingly well-organized and flexible. Since the individual will interact with a wide range of audiences, diplomacy and tact are essential, together with excellent verbal and written communication skills.

This is how we organize our work

This is how we work

  • in house
  • you have influence on the choice of tools and technologies
  • you have influence on the technological solutions applied
  • you have influence on the product

Development opportunities we offer

  • development budget

  • mentoring

  • technical knowledge exchange within the company

Recruitment stages

Let's Get Acquainted (up to 30 min)


Building Trust, No Live Coding


Meeting the Tech Gurus (up to 60 min)


The Feedback Loop

Recruitment process

Step 1: Let's Get Acquainted (up to 30 min)

First things first, let's grab a cup of coffee (or tea if that's your thing) and have a casual chat. We want to know more about you, your background, and what makes you tick. We'll discuss various aspects like your previous work experience, your notice period, and any other details related to your current organization. It's essential for us to understand your situation and ensure a smooth transition if you join our team. Don't worry, we won't keep you stuck in a never-ending conversation, just enough time to get to know each other better.

Step 2: Building Trust, No Live Coding

When it comes to assessing your technical skills, we want to provide a stress-free experience. Instead of putting you on the spot with live coding challenges, we'll give you a take-home assignment. You'll have plenty of time to work on it at your own pace and showcase your problem-solving abilities in a comfortable environment. This way, you can focus on delivering your best work without the pressure of a ticking clock.

Step 3: Meeting the Tech Gurus  (up to 60 min)

You've made it past the initial round, congrats! Now, we'll bring in the big guns. You'll have a chance to meet with a technical expert or team leader. They'll dive deeper into your technical knowledge, ask you some specific questions, and see if you're a good fit for the team. Think of it as a friendly chat with someone who knows their stuff.

Step 4: The Feedback Loop

Once all is said and done, we'll gather feedback from everyone involved in the process. We'll review your performance, take into account the opinions of our team, and make a decision. If you're the lucky candidate, we'll be thrilled to have you on board. If not, don't sweat it. We appreciate your effort and there are plenty of other opportunities out there.

We want to make this process as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. So please take a deep breath, be yourself, and let's make this recruitment journey a memorable one. Good luck!

More on our website:

Few major details about us:

We are a self-publishing company - it means that we are fully responsible for every aspect in the games we create. There is no client, publisher, or anybody outside of the team who will be making decisions. Our clients are our players, and are success is dictated by our player base, revenue growth, and the invisible hand of the market.

We have the uncommon first-mover advantage. We have huge experience in geo-location games, launching two successful games in the past 5 years (Landlord Tycoon -15M organic downloads, $15M revenue, Landlord GO 6M downloads, $5M revenue). This is a solid foundation for our next project with Monopoly IP.

We have built our company of 60 people purely on the revenue from our games. Our plan is to take our company to the stock market. 20% of the company shares are allocated to the ESOP, so every key team member will have a chance to be a millionaire if we succeed with our next game.

We want you to raise the bar. We understand by sourcing only the top talent with great experience in critical areas, we will lift our company to great heights. Great companies are built and driven by great people.

So, what is the plan?

Please watch a video about our technology:

We want you to join us and work with our existing games for a few months to learn the ropes. We then expect you to jump to our new project with a solid understanding of our game mechanics.

We think that it will be wise to learn from all the mistakes we made in the past, and try to understand what are the best-performing opportunities for the new game going forward. Our current products have a simple core loop game design that we expect you to optimize and expand through the use of BIG DATA from the real world.

The reason for this approach is simple, the new game will have a similar main game concept and genre, but the new IP license will make it huge, creating a hit the world has never seen before.


Reality Games is an up-and-coming gaming studio developing mobile games that use live, real-world data. Our game engine takes live data and combines it with familiar game concepts and proven game mechanics to generate highly addictive mobile games.

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