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Senior MLOps Engineer

Ringier Axel Springer Polska Sp. z o.o.

  • Greater Poland

    Greater Poland
  • offer expired 3 months ago
  • contract of employment, B2B contract
  • full-time
  • senior specialist (Senior)
  • home office work, hybrid work
  • Immediate employment
  • remote recruitment

Technologies we use


  • AWS

  • Python

  • Kubernetes

  • Machine Learning


  • Go

  • Kubeflow

Operating system

About the project

▶Who are we?

We are the Data Science organization within Ringer Axel Springer which is one of the biggest media & tech companies in Europe. We create solutions based on machine learning and advanced statistical techniques. What we do matters for more than 40M people

Examples of areas we are tackling include content and ad personalization at petabyte scale, natural language processing & understanding in multiple languages and more

Knowledge sharing is our key value. We participate as speakers/mentors in conferences, hackathons and even share our experiences at universities.

Our Data Science teams operate in a mature environment with the support of engineering teams

At Ringier Axel Springer, we focus on commitment, responsibility and innovation

▶What is this role about?

ML matures from research to applied business solutions, so we need to improve the maturity of its operational processes and the tools we use. That’s why we are starting to build a proper machine learning environment and toolset for the entire company. As a result, we are looking for people excited about working at the intersection of Machine Learning, Data Engineering and DevOps, in a newly created role of a Machine Learning Ops Engineer.

Your responsibilities

  • Collect in one place the best practices developed so far. The ML Ops team working for the entire organization will be built around the person employed in this position

  • Work in the AWS environment

  • Develop and maintain the Machine Learning platform operated mainly by Kubeflow

  • Expand the Machine Learning platform to incorporate feature stores, model repositories, data versioning and more

  • Support development teams and data science teams in building products based on machine learning

Our requirements

  • Knowledge of the AWS environment

  • Knowledge and love for DevOps practices

  • Experience in managing day-to-day Kubernetes clusters (AWS EKS – mutlitenancy, autoscaling, security; Istio service mesh; Prometheus)

  • Python programming skills

  • Grasp of basic concepts of Machine Learning

  • Infrastructure as a Code (Terraform/CloudFormation)

  • Nice to have: knowledge about Kubeflow, GO lang

This is how we organize our work

This is how we work

  • in house
  • you focus on a single project at a time
  • you have influence on the technological solutions applied
  • you have influence on the product
  • you focus on product development
  • you focus on code maintenance
  • scrum

Team members

  • devOps
  • data scientist
  • scrum master

This is how we work on a project

  • Clean Code

  • code review

  • architect / technical leader support

  • DevOps

  • SysOps

  • active monitoring

  • documentation

  • technical debt management

  • functional tests

  • performance tests

  • testing environments

Development opportunities we offer

  • conferences in Poland

  • development budget

  • external training

  • intracompany training

  • space for experimenting

  • substantive support from technological leaders

  • technical knowledge exchange within the company

  • time for development of your ideas

  • Benefits

  • sharing the costs of sports activities

  • private medical care

  • sharing the costs of professional training & courses

  • life insurance

  • remote work opportunities

  • flexible working time

  • fruits

  • no dress code

  • coffee / tea

  • leisure zone

  • employee referral program

Ringier Axel Springer Polska Sp. z o.o.

Ringier Axel Springer Tech to hub technologiczny Ringier Axel Springer Media AG, wiodącej firmy mediowo-technologicznej działającej w Europie Środkowo-Wschodniej i wydającej łącznie ponad 100 tytułów prasowych i 70 serwisów internetowych. W Polsce, w 50 zespołach i trzech lokalizacjach pracuje ponad 300 specjalistów, którzy budują różnorodne rozwiązania IT, wchodzące w skład nowoczesnej platformy digital publishing. Nasze produkty docierają do 40 milionów użytkowników na różnych kontynentach. Pomagamy rozumieć świat i podejmować świadome decyzje. Tworzymy przyszłość cyfrowych mediów.

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