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Trener / Lektor - Angielski Biznesowy

Dawid Gościk Methods

100,00200,00 gross / hr.
  • Warszawa

    Warszawa, Masovian
  • offer expired 15 days ago
  • B2B contract, agency agreement
  • part time, additional / temporary
  • specialist (Mid / Regular)
  • full office work, home office work, hybrid work
  • Immediate employment
  • More than one vacancy
    vacancies: 10
  • remote recruitment
  • запрошуємо працівників з України
Запрошуємо працівників з України
Роботодавець відкритий для працевлаштування громадян України

Your responsibilities

  • Leading tailored Business English lessons / sessions with clients.

  • Preparing materials for the client's individual case.

  • Testing clients periodically (established individually with the client).

  • Periodically checking the client's satisfaction level regarding the services provided

  • Assisting clients in achieving personal and professional goals using your English lessons / sessions.

  • Filling out of David's Methods report template for bi-monthly reporting (don't worry: it's very short).

  • Maintaining the highest level of etiquette (punctuality, communication, manners).

Our requirements

  • Minimum of 2 years of experience working with business clients (mandatory + will be verified).

  • Exceptional level of English (mandatory + will be verified).

  • Ability to sign legal contracts inside Poland (mandatory).

  • Being self-employed or using a business incubator (mandatory).

  • Having an interest and knowledge in some sector of the free market. Examples: technology, law, marketing, sales, IT, psychology... (good to have).

  • Having a professional attitude to your work in languages.

  • High level of independence, both with clients and managing ones legal and financial matters.

  • Curiosity regarding news, science, technology and self development (good to have).

What we offer

  • Clients paying PLN100+ per hour on the invoice

  • 48 hour cancellation policy to protect your time and money

  • B2B contract where the monthly commission per client is tax deductible

  • Support in developing your own language business (everyone wants to be their own boss. That's understandable)

  • Independence in running a client's course of language development

  • Legal contract for you to use with your own clients (which includes the 48h cancellation policy) for free

  • If you choose it: individual coaching sessions for your own personal and professional development

  • An easygoing company owner :)

About Us

David's Methods is a language agency offering language coaching. The main goal is to find clients at the level a bit above B1 and assist in developing their English but also: the client him/herself.

The function of the agency is to perform marketing and social media activity to generate leads and clients. Afterwards the client is profiled using a survey, and a profile is built for the client.

Later the clients are SOLD TO LANGUAGE SPECIALISTS based on a B2B commission contract with DM.

-What does "selling the client" mean for You-

1. The B2B commission model is based on finding and selling clients to o verified language specialists.

2. DM searches for good and motivated clients, then sells them to those verified language experts.

3. By applying to David's Methods you sign up for the recruitment and verification process.

4. If you pass the recruitment process you are eligible to "buy" a client which matches your experience, teaching style, and interests.

5. When a client matching your profile and expectations is found: you will be presented with anonymous details about the client.

6. If you accept the client: you can buy him from DM for the month's value.

(month's value = maximum income per month for a given client)

7. To protect your interest: if you and the client "fall out" within the first month, DM will provide you a different client, free of charge.

8. After that first month the client costs you 15% of the month's value, paid at the beginning of every month (important: you can deduct this from your income taxes at month's end.).

9. Throughout your cooperation with the client DM will... leave you alone. Of course: in the sense of "how to do your job". The core belief here is that a well-paid specialist does his/her work better.

10. The initial payment you make when buying the client is DM's guarantee that you will not abandon this client. We want long, fruitful relations with our clients and to keep a good company reputation.


-What is Language Coaching by David's Methods-

Language coaching is a combination of teaching a language and working with the clients personal and career needs, aiming to combine both in 1 hour of the meeting. This way the client gets a "2-in-1" service, assisting their language and individual growth.

Does the client want to start investing? The lessons / sessions are focusing on that topic, and the homework brings the client closer to investing. Homework example: "Please find 5 companies you are willing to invest in. Explain your choice using the phrasal verbs from last lesson".

Does the client want to grow their marketing knowledge? The materials are the freshest marketing news and updates, specifically from the client's industry (or even company).

A client wants to a course in graphic design in their free time? You help them to achieve that, teaching them vocabulary and grammar endemic to the course and the client's near future. Example homework: "Make a list of pro's and con's of starting your graphic course. Use the conditionals we practiced last time".

Through this model of teaching and working with clients David's Methods fills a niche and guarantees to allocate language teachers in a stable position for a future.

Ideally: ever language specialist cooperating with DM will have clients who pay more than PLN100 per 1 hour. That's the long term goal.

Language specialists are welcome to join and grow the brand, helping to attract them in the David's Methods network. From this the main benefit for DM is the 15%, tax-deductible commission paid by the teachers for clients found.

Language is a tool. Let's use it together to grow motivated specialists in Poland. And in the future: who knows.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the B2B commission contract: do not hesitate and write to [email protected] All questions will be answered.