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UI Developer

  • dolnośląskie
  • Specjalista
  • 12 - 15 tys. zł brutto
  • 2018-06-22

    Pracodawca ma prawo zakończyć rekrutację we wcześniejszym terminie.

    MyBit AG

    MyBit is the world’s most advanced IoT investment ecosystem.It enables anyone to invest in revenue generating IoT devices such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, smart property including co-working spaces and storage units, 3d printers, drones, cryptocurrency atms, cryptocurrency mining and much more.

    The benefits of MyBit over traditional investment models are:   

    1.   No excessive fees. MyBit takes 1% while traditional funds, for alternative assets, normally take 20-30% of revenue.   

    2.   No delay on revenue distributions. MyBit has a blockchain powered, real-time revenue distribution management system which enables payments to be distributed to investors within seconds of an IoT device generating revenue. Traditional models typically process distributions on a quarterly or annual basis.   

    3.   No financial barrier to entry. Anyone can invest on the MyBit platform without having to meet income or net worth requirements present in the majority of private funds.   

    4.   No need to entrust someone else with your money. With MyBit your capital never touches another human’s hands which protects you from theft, fraud, misuse of funds, etc.


    MyBit believes that people should be able to follow their passion instead of having to work to survive. By redefining the way people generate income, MyBit strives to democratise financial services so everyone has equal access to investment opportunities. This becomes critical when the future machine economy automates 800 million jobs by 2030 (Mckinsey, 2017) and the average person, whose job is automated, has no ability to participate in this new economy.

    MyBit provides an ecosystem for the upcoming 11.1 Trillion dollar IoT industry (Forbes, 2017), with the belief that everyone should have an equal opportunity to participate in this revolution.


    The MyBit Ecosystem is supported by two core applications.

    The MyBit Investment Platform (MyBit DApp)

    The MyBit Decentralised Application is the backbone of the MyBit Ecosystem.  It enables anyone to invest in IoT assetsinstantly, securely, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional platformsand investment funds. It is the future of investing.

    Decentralised IoT exchange (MYDAX)

    MYDAX will allow users to buy and sell units of IoT devices, providing liquidity for alternative assets which hasnever before seen in history.  This exchange is decentralised so there is no need for a broker to complete transactions. Trust between parties is automatically established via Blockchain technology.

    UI Developer

    Salary: PLN 12,000 - 15,000

    MyBit is a well-funded startup headquarted in Zug, Switzerland which raised CHF 3,000,000 in August 2017 and currently has 7 full time employees. Now MyBit is focused on expanding its tech team.

    We're looking for a proactive, independent, and skilled UI developer, passionate about new technologies, web development, and with an accurate eye for design by modern web standards. You will be building sophisticated User Interfaces with industry-leading requirements for code maintainability and performance, pushing your knowledge of Front End technologies to the max. You will be responding directly to the CTO and responsible of building UI components, style guides, and live brand books within the MyBit platform.

    As UI Developer, you’ll be in charge of developing the barebones of our components within our platform, as well as ensuring our general brand style is followed across our multiple web applications. You will code live online style guides or storybooks systems that help communicate internally our code standards, and ensure these are followed through the company by developing visual and regression tests. You’ll make sure that the components work properly in multiple platforms and devices through a mobile-first oriented development, while interacting with the most-cutting edge technologies in the always changing world of web development.

    Positions will be remote and your office can either be your home, a preferred location, or we will pay for a dedicated desk at a notable coworking space. We are flexible and will work with employees to make them comfortable.

    What you'll work on

    • Developing multiple components for our main application, ensuring its quality and documenting each of them into a storybook.
    • Integrating our components into online sources or guides for our front-end engineers to reuse.
    • Create regression and visual tests in order to ensure components code and maintainability does not introduce any bugs.
    • Support engineers by creating prototypes that showcase our components, and when needed, write the documentation and tutorials on how to use them.
    • Building small-scoped, stateless projects such as walkthroughs, concept demos, online wallets, and status pages.
    • Create HTML/CSS responsive interfaces through a mobile-first approach using the most cutting-edge technologies in the web ecosystem (e.g. css columns).
    • Overview the enforcement of our brand across our multiple applications to ensure fonts, colors, spaces are consistent.
    • Ensure code quality and participate in writing UI component tests, keeping continuous integration builds green, while supporting the continuous delivery of our live guides and storybooks.

    What you'll bring to MyBit

    • 3+ years experience developing production-ready UI components with HTML/CSS or equivalent UI technologies like React or Polymer.
    • Component-oriented knowledge for scalable UI application development.
    • Great understanding of the Web development ecosystem and the multiple quirks across various browsers and devices.
    • Experience developing and deploying live guides or storybooks.
    • A portfolio/github with proven ability to write beautiful and maintainable UI components using modern technologies.
    • Ability to interact with cutting-edge Front End tooling such as webpack, post-css, styled components, SASS/LESS, and/or similar.
    • Passion for Blockchain technologies, and the impact they are having on society.

    To Apply

    Please include your previous work experience, github profile (with recent commits), and a short cover letter explaining your interest and/or experience in Blockchain technology. Please note Blockchain experience is not mandatory. We will train you and get you up to speed on all the related technology such as web3, metamask, solidity front-end integrations, and more.

    If you are interested, please send your CV. Apply the button below.